Real Estate Domain Names

Since I am spending a large amount of my time traveling, I am putting my real estate business on hold.  Perhaps one day I will decide to return to the day to day challenges of real estate.  Who knows?  I always enjoyed it.

Meanwhile, I have a number of real estate related domain names I will sell.  Some are relative to Georgia and some to Florida.

Bundled domains will be discounted.    Prices are negotiable so contact me if you are interested.

This one is good anywhere:  $1000


  1. $1000
  2. $500
  3. $600
  4. $250
  5. $250
  6. $500
  7. $250
  8. $300
  9. $200
  10. $200
  11. $250
  12. $300
  13. $200
  14. $250
  15. $200
  16. $250


  1. $250
  2. $300
  3. $300
  4. $200
  5. $200
  6. $200
  7. $500
  8. $250

You may ask yourself what on earth can you do with these different domain names.  Here is just one way to use them.

Create a website using one domain name ( for example) that consists of only one page.  On that one page place a contact form.  State clearly that you will be happy to send them a free report of fixeruppers for sale in their area.  Be very clear that you can’t send them their list unless they completely fill out the form.  Make certain you have a place for their name, address, phone number and email address on that form.
Now place a 2 line add on one of your local shopper magazines (preferably one where you can select what neighborhood it is delivered to).  First line: “Get your free FixerUpper property list”. Second line: “”.
As you know, the key to success is always contacting them immediately so as soon as you get your email with their contact information or that phone call, call them right back.

Contact me if you wish to purchase any of these domain names.



Paul Sumberg